Membership Benefits

As a Member, you

  •  receive a one year subscription to the society’s publications — approximately five Newsletters.
  • can submit queries regarding your research to be published in The Newsletter and on the SVGS web site.
  • receive weekly news digest via email.
  • can enhance research skills by attending monthly meetings with educational genealogy presentations.
  • can attend the hybrid monthly meetings either at the Burlington Public Library or at home using Zoom.
  • receive a 10% discount on tuition for seminars/workshops and SVGS publications.
  • can receive assistance when accessing one of the best genealogical libraries (Burlington, Washington Public Library), North of Seattle.
  • can announce a family reunion free of charge in the newsletter.
  • can consult with other members during meetings and online to solve search challenges.
  • have free access to the genealogical information offered on this web page including obituaries and funeral home records for family members if available.
  • join a group of friendly and knowledgeable genealogy researchers who enjoy sharing tips and discovering each other’s family stories.