This information was compiled by Arnold Stewart of LaConner,
Hazer Rasar of Mount Vernon and Steve Johnson of Corkindale.



Alger About one mile East of I-5 exit #240 on Alger Road
Allen About four miles North of HWY 20 on Avon Allen Road
Alpine See Cavanaugh
Atlanta On Samish Island
Avon On Avon Allen Road about one mile South of HWY 20 at Intersection of Bennett Road
Baker Joined with Cement to become Concrete
Bayview West of Burlington
Beaver Marsh West of Mount Vernon
Belfast East of I-5 at exit #236 along old HWY 99
Belleville 2 miles north of Burlington on Old 99
Bessemer On the Skagit, just south of Skiyou
Big Lake East of Mount Vernon on HWY 9
Big Point West shore of Fidalgo Island at South end of Bowman’s Bay
Birdsview About ten miles East of Sedro Woolley on HWY 20 between Concrete and Hamilton
Blanchard About two miles North of Edison and East of Chuckanut Drive
Bow About three miles West of I-5 at Exit #236 on Bow Hill Road
Brownsville Now Bow
Camano Island South of Mount Vernon
Cape Horn On South side of Skagit River, North of South Skagit HWY between Birdsview and Concrete
Cavenaugh A little north of Lake Cavenaugh. May also have been called Alpine
Cedardale South of Mount Vernon and East of I-5. North of Conway
Cement City Joined with Baker to form Concrete
Chambers Prairie No Location
Clayton Bay North of Blanchard
Clear Lake South of Sedro-Woolley on the West shore of Clear Lake
Clover Valley Near Stanwood
Cokedale A few miles NE of Sedro-Woolley on an old railroad
Corkindale On HWY 20 about 41 miles East of Burlington
Cowden’s Spur About 2 miles E of Nestos on HWY 20
Day Creek South side of the Skagit River opposite Lyman, on Wallberg Road and accessed from the South Skagit HWY
Del Mar South of Anacortes on the shore of Burroughs Bay
Dewey Fidalgo Island on North shore of Similk Bay along Gibralter Road
Desmond 2 miles NW OF Prairie
Dodge Valley East of LaConner
Doe Bay No Location
Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island
Edison Abt one mile East of Chuckanut Drive
Ehrlich About 2 miles S of Montbourne on HWY 9
English Camp Near Conway
Fidalgo On March Point, now a refinery
Fidalgo City Between Dewey and Gibralter
Field On Chuckanut Drive
Finn Settlement On the Pilchuck River a mile or so west of Cavanaugh
Fir Near Mann’s Landing. Across the South Fork of the Skagit from Conway
Fir Island SouthWest of Mount Vernon, bounded by the North and South Skagit and the bay
Fravel Now Blanchard
Fredonia North of HWY 20 and East of Best Road between Burlington and Anacortes
Galena A former name for Marblemount
Gibralter School site, off HWY 20 on Fidalgo Is, overlooks Similk Bay
Goodell’s Landing Just west of Goodell Creek and Newhalem
Grassmere On HWY 20 just West of Concrete
Guemas Guemas Island
Harmony West of Mount Vernon
Hickson Northwest of Sedro-Woolley
Hoogdal Abt three miles North of Sedro-Woolley and 1 mile West of HWY 9
Jarman Prairie Now Belfast
Lookout Northwest of Alger
Maiben North of Avon
Mann’s Landing See Fir
Mansford On HWY 530 north of Darrington
Marble Creek Original Post Office, moved to Marblemount
Marblemount On HWY 20 about 44 miles East of Burlington
McRae 2 miles west of Sedro-Woolley on F&S Grade Rd south to Cook Rd, including Ratchford, Collins and District Line Roads. Former McRae School was located on Ratchford Rd from 1895 to 1942, now part of Sedro-Wooley Schl Dist #101.
Milltown About 2 miles South of Conway on the road to Stanwood
Minkler Near HWY 20 and Minkler Lake Road
McMurray Five miles East of I-5 exit #221 near Conway on HWY 534 on the shore of Lake McMurray
Montbourne About 3 miles S of Big Lake on HWY 9
Moss Hill Near Grandy Creek, HWY 20 and Baker Lake Road
Mt Baker Between Bayview and Edison
Nestos 2 miles E of Van Horn on HWY 20
Norman Near Stanwood
Orient On the Sauk, north of the Suittle
Pleasant Ridge West of Chilberg Road and South of the intersection with Best Road
Prairie About six miles North of Sedro-Woolley on HWY 9
Punkin Center Punkin Center – North of HWY 20 between Lyman and Hamilton
Rexville North of bridge over the North Fork of the Skagit River and East of Chilberg Road, on the Skagit
Richardson No Location
Ridgeway Between LaConner and Mount Vernon
Riverside 2 miles N of Mount Vernon inside the Big River Bend
Rockport On HWY 20 about 36 miles East of Burlington
Rosario SW shore of Fidalgo Island
Ruby An old mining town now covered by Ross Lake, near Mile Post 136 on HWY 20
Samish Island West of Edison
Sauk On Sauk Store Road, off HWY 20, west of Rockport
Sauk City South of the Skagit, across the river from Rockport
Sauk Prairie On the Sauk and south of the Suiattle River about 5 miles north of Darrington
Sedro See Sedro-Woolley
Sinclair On Sinclair Island
Skagit City North portion of Fir Island
Skiyou Just East of Sedro-Woolley
Sterling Halfway between Burlington and Sedro-Woolley
Sunset On Chuckanut Drive
Swinomish Across channel from La Conner
Thatcher No Location
Thorne Warner’s Prairie
Thornwood Warner’s Prairie, Thorne, North of Sedro-Woolley
Utopia East of Sedro-Woolley near Minkler
Van Horn East of Concrete
Varney North of Mount Vernon
Walker Valley East of Big Lake
Warner’s Prairie Thorne
Whitney Near intersection of HWY 20 and LaConner-Whitney Road. About four miles North of LaConner
Woolley See Sedro-Woolley
If you know of other communities and their locations please let us know and we will be happy to add them to our list.


Last Updated Jan 19, 2001