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Today’s Date: 2017-03-31

My Name (First & Last): Melanie Nederhood

My Email: cliff.nederhood@hotmail.com

Query Message: Searching for record of my Grandfather,
John Percy Cassell, sedro woolley washington.

Query Online?: Yes

Surnames: Cassell

Maiden Name (optional): Washington

Today’s Date: 2017-03-18

My Name (First & Last): Gail Bonsen

My Email:     gailsgeneology@comcast.net

Query Message:
Hi, I’m hoping to find a death notice for my 3rd gr grandfather William Thomas Leigh who died April 17th, 1897 in Skagit County. His wife was Mary Leigh. He is buried in the IOOF Cemetery in Mt. Vernon. Thanks so much Gail I do have Mary’s obituary.

Query Online?: Yes

Surnames: Leigh

Today’s Date:                      2017-01-17

My Name (First & Last):      Daniel Probst

My Email:                           cascademountainrunners@gmail.com

Query Message:
Herman Schieber, his daughter Jenny Schieber or any Schieber in the Skagit valley circa 1912. Herman Lived above the town of Concrete and had a cabin at where Schiebers meadow trail head is today. They may have lived in Hamilton at one point.

Thank you

Query Online?:                    Yes

Surnames:                          Schieber

Today’s Date:                      2017-01-11

My Name (First & Last):      Carol Torset

My Email:                           torset@comcast.net

Query Message:
This was posted on Skagit Breaking. I thought I would share it in case someone in the Society might know of this person. You can contact me if you have any info and I can put him in touch with you.

Submitted from Norway: My name is Ove Korsnes. I´m 62 years old and I live in Norway. My great grand uncle emigrated to America in 1923. He was never married and he had no children. For some time he lived in Ketchikan, Alaska, but I believe that his last years he lived in Sedro-Wooley, where he died on the first of March 1958, – 60 years old.
We know so little about him, because he seldom wrote to his relatives back in Norway, and none of the letters exists today.
Best greetings from Norway. And please excuse my bad english.n about him. How long he lived there, what he was doing, and so on. And may be some of the old folks in your community remembers him. His name was Edward Johanson Sinnes, born 15.05.1898. I have no picture of him from the time in America.
Best greatings from Norway. And please excuse my bad english.
Ove Korsnes

Query Online?:                    Yes

Surnames:                          Edward Johanson Sinnes

Today’s Date:                      2016-12-20

My Name (First & Last):      Peter Hurley

My Email:                           phurley.placitas@gmail.com

Query Message:
I have a photo of my great uncle and aunt with Big Lake, Skagit, Wash on back. Their names were Luther Horace and Martha McNeal (nee Barker). The photo was probably taken in the 1890s. Thank you.

Query Online?:                    Yes

Surnames:                          McNeal, Barker

Today’s Date: 2016-10-22

My Name (First & Last): Donny Anderson

My Email: sonrizer@gmail.com

Query Message:
Looking for any possible support on WA research from Tennessee. Here is what I know:

1. My great-grandfather, Albert Smalley McCollum, was mentioned in his brother’s Knox County, TN 1923 obituary as living in “Washington State”. His previous residence was in Riverside, CA. Albert moved west from TN after the death of his wife in 1909. I have census, WWI application, and city directory information from Albert’s time in CA, but I have not been able to pick up his trail in WA.

2. Albert’s father remarried after the death of his mother. Albert’s step-mother, Dollie Catherine McCollum is said to have died in Burlington, WA in 1926. A number of her children from her previous marriage (Hodge surname) also moved with her to Burlington.

I know it is a long shot, but I would appreciate any assistance in my search for Albert McCollum. I’m hoping that his move and his step-mother’s move to WA was more than coincidence. Maybe local records could help resume my research regarding this line of my ancestry. Thanks so much for any consideration given. If there is a better resource for assistance with this information, appropriate direction would be appreciated.

Donny Anderson
Maryville, TN

Query Online?: Yes

Surnames: McCollum, Hodge

Today’s Date:                      2016-04-03

My Name (First & Last):      Barbara Dante

My Email:                           bande.dante@gmail.com

Query Message:
Looking for information about the farm owned by Vollie Boliver in or near Sedro-Woolley from 1953 to 1961. His wifwe was Nellie Boliver. They raised sheep, hogs, and chickens.

Query Online?:                    Yes

Surnames:                          Boliver

Maiden Name (optional):      Boliver

Today’s Date:                      2016-03-26

My Name (First & Last):      Barry Antrim

My Email:                           barrya1218@comcast.net

Query Message:
Looking for Erling Harold Bergslien
B 21 Sept 1907
D 1 Oct 1975
Last resided in Mount Vernon, Skagit county, Washington
Born and lived in Hanover Township, Lake county, Indiana (now called Cedar Lake, Indiana)
Father  Syver Bergslien
Mother Jonette Bergslien
Brother older   Rauf Bergslien
Brother older  Lief Bergslien
He was well on in age when he left Cedar Lake. Not to be heard from again.
I believe he may be buried in Sedro Wooley Cemetery site 10.17.34.
Would kindly appreciate any other info available. Am trying to understand what he did in WA. Where he lived. Eyc.
Kindest regards
Barry Antrim

Query Online?:                    Yes

Surnames:                          Bergslien

Maiden Name (optional):

Today’s Date:                      2016-03-07

My Name (First & Last):      Richard Grill

My Email:                           rgrill82@gmail.com

Query Message:
I am trying to locate descendants of Peter Pine Alexander, an early western pioneer.  I found paintings, on cardboard, (16″ x 20″) of he and his wife at a garage sale, and think they should be returned to the family.  They were out of their frames and were going to the trash.

I found some information about the family in a book, “Western Pioneers: The Descendants of Peter Pine Alexander”, by Edythe Fader, his Grandaughter, which says the family moved to Mt. Vernon in 1910 from Waterville, WA, and opened a furniture store and started a farm, called Hill Farm.

Could you help me in locating and contacting members of the family who might be interested in preserving these artifacts?  No charge, of course, I just think the family might want these reminders of their past.

Thank you for any help you might be able to  provide,

Richard Grill

Query Online?:                    Yes

Surnames:                          Alexander, Fader

Maiden Name (optional):

My Name (First & Last):
Tom Lampson
My Email:

Query Message:
I am trying to find information on the life of John Lee Bamer, possibly Johnny Lee Bamer or Lee Bamer.  He died 22 Mar 2001 and had lived in Sedro-Woolley for many years.  He was married to Viola Amelia Peterson Madsen Lonsdalen Bamer.  While his death was in S-W. I do not know of his burial.  Thank you for your help.  Sincerely, Tom Lampson
Maiden Name (Optional):

My Name (First & Last):
walter young
My Email:

Query Message:
Hi, My great aunt (Margaret Young Moore) settled your area in the 1800 and later moved to Arizona. There family plot is located in the Union Cemetery IF-N -33. Could you help me locate the plot (map of cemetery). I plan to be in area late in September. I am trying to find her interment and that of her family. Doe the name of your main st Moore St. have to do with this family????

Walter Young

Maiden Name:(optional):

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