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Welcome to Skagit Valley Genealogy website.

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  1. Judith (Ellenberger} Lapointe says:

    My Grandfather Earl D Ellenberger died in 1957 in Sedro Woolley. I was looking for his buriel site which I believe is in Union Cemetery and about where it is located there.

  2. Dale Wright says:


    classified@skagitads.com recommended that I contact your organization. I’m looking for a distant relative last known to be living in Sedro Woolley. I’d like to know if he is still surviving or not. Would you be able to help me with this?

    Thanks very much

    Dale Wright
    Tacoma, WA

  3. Per Ivar Nicolaisen says:

    Looking for any informaton on Boyd Reitan (born: 1882, Norway).
    Emmigrated to the US in 1903. He was back in Norway in 1926 for a visit, and went back to the US the same year. I find him in the passenger list and it is written he is going «to home, Sedroo Woolley, Wash».
    Any information on Boyd Reitan would be useful.

    Per Ivar Nicolaisen

    • Debbie Denton says:

      Ivar, I didn’t find him in Sedro Woolley but he did move across the USA into British Columbia so I believe I have found your Boyd Reitan. Boyd Reitan born 18 Jun 1882 was a farm worker in Mora, Kanabee, Minnesota in Sept 1918. His nearest relative was a sister, Christina Hansen living in Vermillion, Clay County, South Dakota. He was short, stout with blue eyes and black hair. This info is from the WW1 Draft Registration. Boyd is in Volin, Yankton, South Dakota in the 1920 US Census. He is working as a farmer. It says he immigrated in 1903 from Norway and has filed Naturalization papers. He crossed the border into White Rock, British Columbia on 16 Jun 1927. His birthplace was trondueim, Norway and he is listed as an American Citizen. He died in Vancouver, British Columbia on 5 Feb 1949 at the age of 66.

      If you want copies of any of these papers contact me at Debbie.denton1@gmail.com

  4. karen kellogg mason says:

    trying to find an obit for Elvira (Highland)Kellogg- she passed 01 August 2014 in Skagit County. I was told there was an obit in local paper but have not been able to find it.
    Grateful for any help.

    • George Ridgeway says:


      I am showing this under comments. I also forwarded info to our genealogist. She will get back to you asap. Please include further inquiries Our Data/Local/Queries (first tab to your left on the menu bar.)


  5. Tom Zirk says:

    We are looking for my grandfather Richard Zirk and grandmother Bertha (Gilpin).

    • George Ridgeway says:


      Thank you for your inquiry. I am showing this under comments. I also forwarded info to our genealogist. She will get back to you asap. Please include a more complete query on Queries on the menu bar. Thank you.


    • Patti Hiebert says:

      I’m sure my brother has this info but he passed in 2014. I’ll see what I can find if you still need it. I think Bert is down in the Renton area. I know your great-grandmother is in Burlington cemetery along with about 5 other older relatives. My cousin and I put flowers on great grandma Jane’s grave, Opal’s and Jane’s parents on Memorial Day.

  6. Tina Mitchell says:

    I’m trying to trace back the history of my family & I can’t find anything useful….specifically my great grandparents: Fleet Marlowe & Dovie (Haynes) Marlowe….any informat would be appreciated..thank u so much

  7. crystal anderson says:

    my name is crystal anderson n i am doing research on my mothers maiden name binschus i know i have realtives there still but having hard time looking up old newspaper articles on this family name have heard lots of stories from this name any info would be appreciated but my email is messe dup n cant get mail but am on facebook

    • George Ridgeway says:

      Hi Crystal,

      Got your comment. You need to put your request in the Query page. http://skagitvalleygenealogy.org/queries/ We can’t help on your web page, there is no privacy there for your information. If you can not get your email working, then you should create a new one. You can do that with a Google account (gmail.com) or a Microsoft account (live.com or outlook.com) Once you make a query, our genealogist will try to find information for you. Give her as much data of you mother that you can. Date of birth, when she was married, husbands name, etc.

      Good Luck

      George Ridgeway

  8. George Ridgeway says:

    What a wonderful “O Canada” Seminar. If you didn’t attend, you missed two terriic speakers Dave Obee and Mary Kathryn Cozy. They presented information that I hadn’t known or thought about it.

    George Ridgeway

  9. Mary Cecelia Sapp-White says:

    Interested in anything about the Samuel preston Sapp anf Jesse V. Sapp families of Sedro-Woolley. I am a granddaughter and great granddaughter of these families. I was born and lived in Sedro for 10 years on the familyfarm located on Sapp Rd. We left in 1955.

    • George Ridgeway says:

      Hello Mary,

      You would be better served by putting this information into our Query page. Then the information goes directly to our genealogist. Once you make a query, our genealogist will try to find information for you. Give her as much data of you mother that you can. Date of birth, when he was married, wifes name, etc.

      Good Luck

      George Ridgeway


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